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2018 Wedding Décor Trends | Utah Florist | The Rose Shop

2018 Wedding Décor Trends

Get ready to see some changes because the 2018 wedding décor trends are shaking things up. Over the past few years, rustic do-it-yourself decorations and muted color palettes have been popular. This year, expect to see color, velvet touches and other contemporary elements.

The Rose Shop & Le Jardin show 2018 Wedding Decor Trends with bold colors

PC: The Rose Shop & Le Jardin

Personalize It

Today’s couples are proudly displaying their unique personalities and interests in their choice of wedding décor. From the flowers that you select to the centerpieces, the trend is to make it personal. If you and your fiance are Comic Con nerds, then find a way to include this in your wedding design. Or, maybe the two of you have a thing for palm trees and coconut-flavored drinks.

Utah wedding florist the Rose Shop centerpiece with succulents

PC: The Rose Shop & Le Jardin

Popular 2018 Colors

2018 wedding décor trends include color choices like deep violet and gold. Blush and green are other popular wedding colors for 2018. How much you embrace bold colors for your wedding is up to you. For instance, you can go big by including a bold color prominently or you can be subtle with it by adding small color hints.

The Rose Shop & Le Jardin show 2018 Wedding Decor Trends with gold accents

PC: The Rose Shop & Le Jardin


velvet table runner

PC: Aisle Society

In 2018, velvet will be trending. Couples will be using it for table runners, invitation accents and even for wedding lounge furniture. Velvet is versatile since it complements almost any theme including weddings that are formal and classic as well as ones that are decorated in new age or artsy styles.

Balloons are for More Than Birthdays

Balloon wedding decorations

PC: Big Bill Kruse

Couples are starting to use balloons to decorate their wedding venues. Affordable and festive, balloons can really liven up the reception space. Balloons are also a flexible decorative item. Combine a bunch of them together and string them up like garland or create mural-like wall décor. You can use balloons as an archway for your receiving line or to make your own unique centerpieces.

New Age Style Décor

For 2018, a popular wedding decorating trend is new age. This is a relaxed look that offers a bit more elegance than the rustic one that’s been trending over the last few years. Look to Stevie Nicks for styling suggestions, a design that’s somewhat chilled but still romantic. And, will the music of Fleetwood Mac ever go out of style?

The Rose Shop & Le Jardin show 2018 Wedding Decor Trends with new age art deco

PC: The Rose Shop & Le Jardin

A Day to Remember

The Rose Shop & Le Jardin show 2018 Wedding Decor Trends with icy blue for winter

PC: The Rose Shop & Le Jardin

Your wedding day is a day to remember. Consider embracing one or more 2018 wedding décor trends to make it even more so. From personalizing it to choosing hip colors, this year’s trends can’t help but make your big day special.


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