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April Planting Tips for Utah | Salt Lake City Florist | The Rose Shop

Because Utah tends to be a bit erratic when it comes to the weather, deciding the best time to plant your flowers and garden can be a challenge. To help you grow happy plants, we’re offering April planting tips for Utah.

April Planting Tips for Utah

Get Used to Reading Packages

Plan ahead by selecting most of the flowers and vegetables you intend to plant this year. Choosing early allows you to figure out the best time to get your plants in the ground. For instance, you can plant pea, radish and lettuce seeds early in April while it’s better to wait until late spring to early summer to plant pumpkins, tomatoes, watermelons and cantaloupes. As soon as you can manipulate your garden soil, plant cool season vegetables.

Seed packets for April planting tips in Utah

Plan for Protection

April planting tips in Utah include protecting tender garden plants and fruit blossoms from late freezing temperatures. You can protect delicate greens by covering them, watering them if you see that the weather channel is calling for frost or placing warm jugs of water near their growing spots.

Protect your seeds from frost in Utah during planting

General Planting Tips

If you’re storing bulbs, check the condition of each one before planting them in the ground. Make sure that your bulbs are firm. Get rid of any that feel soft as well as ones that are rotten. You can plant bare root shrubs and trees in April. But, be sure to keep the exposed roots moist until you can get them in the ground.

Other planting tips for Utah include pruning roses after their buds start to swell. This step will prevent a late frost from damaging a plant’s new growth. Also, trim your spring flowering shrubs after they’ve bloomed. Doing so will encourage the bushes to produce new flower buds the following year.

Check stored bulbs is a great planting tip for Utah

A Time to Divide

April is the perfect time to divide any of your crowded perennials that will be blooming this fall. It is also when you should break apart your landscaping’s cool season ornamental grass since new growth is about to appear on the scene.

Tulips in a garden in Utah

April is Just the Beginning

In Utah, March and April are the time of the year when spring flowers start poking their heads out of the ground. It is also the perfect time to decide which flowers and plants you want decorating your yard throughout the summer. By embracing our April planting tips in Utah, you’re sure to have happy and healthy plants this year.


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