The Rose Shop offers tips on caring orchids

Orchids Explained by the Rose Shop

Orchids are a tall, slender plant that are oddly shaped. These unique plants are doused in bright colors making them the perfect plant for many colorful events. Orchids are one of the largest flowering families. These wonderful smelling flowers are diverse and widespread, making it easy to find an orchid for all of your decorativeContinue Reading

The Rose Shop, a florist for all occasions with two locations in Sandy and Riverton introduces you to the Ritzy Rose yarrow flower

Flowers to Know and Love in 2017

New flowers and plants are something all gardeners can get excited about and the new plants and flowers of 2017 did not disappoint.  With new colors, improved habits, increased longevity and minimum maintenance, the flowers you’re about to be introduced to with surely earn a spot in your landscape. Go Big with Blue Flowers: TheContinue Reading

The Rose Shop shares tips and tricks on how to care and protect your iris flowers

Planting and Caring for the Iris Flower

This magnificent, towering perennial flower is a gardener’s favorite!  The beautiful billowing flower was named after the Greek goddess Iris,  who rode rainbows, which is a perfect comparison to this delightful flower because there are a rainbow of different colors this flower can be found in.  Gardeners alike plant this flower because it’s hardy, reliableContinue Reading

The Rose Shop of Sandy, a full service florist offers advice on purchasing a rose plant

Planting and Protecting the Rose Plant

There is nothing quite as delightful as inhaling the fragrance of the delightful rose. Being that the rose can bloom from spring to fall, you can enjoy the magnificent scent for months by planting and caring for them properly. If you’re considering investing in the magnificent rose plant, its important to understand that there areContinue Reading

A sunlit pink peony trio, a woody and large spring to summer bloom

The Herbaceous and the Tree Peony Flower

If a flower were to be crowned the queen of the spring garden, the crown would surely go to the hardy and long-living peony flower.  Peonies are incredibly easy to grow and bloom so reliably, that if they’re not yet your favorite spring flower, they will be soon.  Depending on your geographic location and theContinue Reading