Bountiful Berries by The Rose Shop

Nothing shouts summer like a bountiful abundance of berries. Every yard should include some sort of berry patch.  Just think, a collection of homegrown, sun-ripened berries would work perfectly for your homemade pie.  A handful of fresh, plump blueberries are perfect to throw into your made-from-scratch pancake batter. You can grow a flavorful variety of berries from spring until the first frost by following tips and techniques from The Rose Shop. Save your arms and elbows from scratches and scrapes by properly anchoring and planting your berry plants and bushes. A higher yield and prolonged growing season will ensure a freezer full of your favorite fruit you can enjoy year round.


Tips on how to best plant berry plants provided by The Rose Shop, a full-service florist with three locations in Utah.

Currant berries

Both currants and gooseberries require pruning in early spring before the plants leaf out.  Cut off the flowers the first year after planting to allow the plants to develop strong growth in preceding years.  Remember to remove branches that are more than three years old.


Planting currants and other berries is simple by following proper growing techniques suggested by The Rose Shop a florist for all ocassions.

Raspberries and Blackberries

Also, known as bramble fruits, raspberries and blackberries have branches called canes. Remove the fruit-bearing canes after they finish producing to encourage new growth and to let sunlight into the bushes.  During dormancy, cut the tips off the canes so they can support the later fruit. Alternatively, you can use a trellis system of wires and posts to straighten out the canes and keep the branch system organized.  Be sure your wires are pulled tightly before securing to sturdy posts.


The Rose Shop, a Salt Lake Valley florist shares gardening tips on how to best grow berry bushes


These easy to grow plants aren’t picky about where they’re planted but you’ll want to avoid fungal disease by applying an organic compost and providing free-draining conditions.  Strawberry plants have shallow roots and require an irrigation of the rows to grow properly. They can be grown in long raised rows or beds where they can divide vigorously, sending out shoots.  These shoots can be cut from the main plant and replanted to produce fruit.  Consider replanting every three years to maximize fruit production.  If replanting is daunting, consider planting fraises des bois or woodland strawberries.  These types do not send out runners and make for pretty edging plants.


Berries are easy to grow by following the advice of The Rose Shop


The blueberry plant is a tough bush that can thrive near marshes and prefers moist, acidic soils with ample sun and drainage. It’s also the easiest berry to grow.  Blueberries need at least an inch of water a week during growing season and up to four inches a week while the fruit ripens.  This recipe will provide the juiciest perfection of blueberries.  To extend the blueberry growing season, plant a variety of blueberries and protect them by securing a netting top to keep the birds away.


Grow the best berries by following the advice of Salt Lake City's premier florist The Rose Shop

It’s time to get a a bit berry-crazy. By planting your berry plants and bushes in an organized fashion, your result will be neat beds, defined rows and easy pickings. Say goodbye to scratched arms and hard to reach fruit.  Your freezers will be full of frozen raspberries, blueberries, currents and strawberries, waiting to be enjoyed through the winter and into the next growing season.  Once established, an organized berry garden takes much less maintenance and is extremely rewarding!