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Gardening Classes in Utah This Spring | The Rose Shop Florist

Utah’s wacky weather and tricky climate make gardening in the state a challenging endeavor. Whether you’re a born and raised Utahn or have recently become a resident, understanding the Wasatch Front’s unique growing conditions by taking gardening classes in Utah will make it easier for you to make the best gardening choices.

Gardening Classes in Utah this Spring

Where to find gardening classes in Utah

Attend the University

Utah State University has a number of gardening classes available. This year, you can take courses that will help you maintain wildflowers as well as teach you how to garden in containers. The school’s Garden Maintenance course will help you keep your plants alive and vibrant while the Perennials Classes will explain how to keep these cost-effective flowers happy and healthy in your yard. Some of these classes are held at Red Butte Garden.

Utah State University offers gardening classes in Utah

Red Butte Garden

Red Butte Garden is a Utah original, one that features amazing flowers, plants and trees, making it the perfect place to take gardening classes in Utah. For spring 2018, Red Butte will be offering classes like Irrigation Basics, Water-Wise Landscapes and Vegetable Container Gardening. You can also tour the garden for inspiration when designing yours.

Red Butte Garden offers gardening classes in Utah

Conservation Garden Park

The Conservation Garden Park is another place to learn about gardening in Utah. Visit the park to learn how to develop water-wise park strips and graft trees. This spring, the park is also providing basic planting classes, vegetable gardening courses and seminars on how to grow fruit trees.

Conservation Garden Park offers gardening classes in Utah

Thanksgiving Point

Gardening classes in Utah are offered at Thanksgiving Point as well. Known for the Tulip Festival and featuring acres of gardens, the instructors at this local event center will teach you a thing or two about growing stuff in the state. Along with teaching you growing techniques, Thanksgiving Point sells flowers including the amazing tulips that are on display during the Tulip Festival.

Thanksgiving Point has gardening classes in Utah


Local Nurseries

If you don’t have the time to sign up for a class, then spend time at local nurseries like Glover, Arbor Day or Western Garden. These businesses hire people who know and understand plants, making them a good educational resource for you.

Glover Nursery gardening classes in Utah
Glover Nursery

Making Your Garden Amazing

Gardening classes in Utah will help you make your exterior spaces look amazing. By learning how to treat the area’s soil and discovering the kinds of vegetation that thrives in our climate, you’ll be able to grow a yard that your neighbors are sure to envy.


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