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Flower arrangements are the perfect accessory for every season including Halloween. With bright oranges and elegant black blossoms in the mix, Halloween floral designs can be bright and cheery or slightly sinister depending on the ambiance you wish to create. To embody more of the season, decorate any arrangement with playful Halloween décor like bats, spiders or ghosts.


Halloween Floral Designs | The Rose Shop

Pumpkins and Halloween Just Go Together

While pumpkin chocolate chip cookies may be available year-round, most of us only have actual pumpkins around during the Halloween season. Halloween floral designs include using pumpkins with your flower arrangements. Order an arrangement that uses a pumpkin as the arrangement container or just features one or two small ones. Then, request your favorite flowers in purple, orange and yellow. You can always ask for red and black roses if you’re planning a scary theme.

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Eerie and Chic


To decorate for a fancy Halloween dinner party, think ghostly and chic. This can be made with skeletons, test tube vases and elegant flowers. Red and deep purple blooms are what we recommend, but you’ll get a creepy vibe by combining skeleton hands with any flowers. Since you’ll be filling the test tube vases with water, this kind of arrangement will last for at least a few days.

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Dem Bones


Halloween floral designs include arrangements that feature a skull as a replacement for the vase. Go a touch spookier by using black roses or deep red ones (to remind people of blood) while filling in the arrangement with classic green foliage and/or berries. If you prefer a flower arrangement that combines the macabre with a touch of cheer, change gears with color and order flowers that are orange, yellow or bright red.

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Ghostly White


Go all white with your Halloween floral design. For this creepy effect, plan to place several arrangements around your place. Consider mums for the blossoms, and use baskets for the containers. Baskets will give your flower arrangements a relaxed look. They are casual and flexible. A few white pumpkins or gourds scattered around is the perfect way to layer the look.

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Halloween Floral Designs are Beautiful and Festive


Halloween floral designs are a fun way to celebrate the season. Use them to decorate a party or just your home for the holiday. You can order arrangements that are spooky or ones that brighten things up. Decorate with a subtle Halloween feature here and there or embrace the season by using the theme everywhere. The right Halloween flower arrangement brings the magic of the season into your home.

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