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Planning a Funeral for a Loved One

Losing someone you love is a devastating experience, one that requires many things to be taken care of. Not only is this a time when grief is overwhelming, but you will also be facing the task of planning a funeral. We hope that the following information will make doing so easier.

Planning a Funeral for a Loved One

Contact the Funeral Director

Planning a funeral for a loved one and choosing a casket

Planning a funeral for a loved one requires you to contact a funeral director to transport your loved one’s remains and store them. Plan to answer whether the body will be cremated or buried and the type of funeral service you intend to hold.

How Many People Will Be Coming to the Funeral?

Planning a funeral using an agenda

Estimate the number of people who will likely come to the funeral. This will help you decide whether you need to hold the service in a small or large church. You’ll also need to notify the deceased person’s family members and friends about his or her death. If you need to contact a lot of people, be sure to ask for help.

Additional Funeral Arrangements

Planning a funeral for a loved one includes a luncheon

Choose a date for the cremation or burial. Most people hold funerals several days following the person’s death. Contact a clergy member or other type of officiant to conduct the funeral. If you don’t have anyone in mind, then a member of the funeral home can oversee the ceremony. You’ll also need to pick out clothing and jewelry for your loved one to wear inside the casket or cremation container.

Planning a funeral with a casket spray from The Rose Shop a Utah florist

Those who want to pay their respects to the deceased may do so by sending flowers. You may want to order a casket spray in addition to several bouquets. Easel wreaths are a nice way to honor your deceased loved one as are flower baskets.

Easel arrangement for planning a funeral

Consider ways to help others who are grieving. Releasing balloons with notes written on them at the gravesite is one way. Writing messages on rocks and tossing them into a local river or pond is another option.

include floral arrangements when planning a funeral

Give Yourself Time to Grieve

Everyone grieves in their own way. Be accepting of yours. If you need to stay in bed for a few days or weeks following the death of a loved one, then do it. Also, don’t be too proud to seek professional help if you fall into a deep depression. Along with this, you should never feel guilty about experiencing moments of peace or happiness. The important thing is to remember your loved one as you need to.

Larkin Mortuary and The Rose Shop can help you with many of these tasks during this difficult time. Please contact us for help with any arrangements. We would love to serve you and your family.


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