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Planting and Protecting the Rose Plant

There is nothing quite as delightful as inhaling the fragrance of the delightful rose. Being that the rose can bloom from spring to fall, you can enjoy the magnificent scent for months by planting and caring for them properly. If you’re considering investing in the magnificent rose plant, its important to understand that there are two different methods for purchasing this romantic plant. Roses can be purchased as a potted plant or as a bare-root plant. Most likely if they are potted. they are grown on their own roots, as opposed to being grated onto rootstock. Once you’ve purchased your plant, you will need to know how to plant and protect your roses to ensure a long life of lovely blooms. The Rose Shop offers advice on how to plant and protect your  plant by following a few simple steps.

The Rose Shop of Sandy, a full service florist offers advice on purchasing a rose plant

Methods of Rose Plant Purchase:

There a few different advantages to the two separate methods of purchasing the rose plant. Bare-root plants are lightweight and easy to mail-order a plant that you may not typically find at your local nursery. Keep in mind, that if you’re gardening in a climate that has harsh winters, potted plants could be a better option. Purchasing a potted  plant is as simple as walking into your local nursery and taking a look at their selection. Remember, there are a wide variety of potted roses available, each requiring a certain type of care.

Tips on protecting and planting a rose plant


Once you’ve selected and purchased your rose plant, you should first open the package and inspect the condition of your plant. The soil should be moist and if it’s not, your rose plant should be sent back. After inspecting the condition of the soil, inspect the root system. If you find any damaged roots, prune the roots immediately with sharp pruners to avoid infection from setting in. Time is of the essence once you’ve received your roses, plant straightway, and pay attention to the zone you live in. If planting right away is not an option, your rose plant should be stored in a moist plastic bag in your refrigerator to keep them in a state of dormancy.

Advice on how to prune and care for your rose plant is offered by The Rose Shop and florist for all occasions

Time to Plant:

When you’re ready to plant, soak the roots in water overnight. A root stimulating solution can be found at a quality gardening center and should be added to the soaking water. Once you’re ready to put your plant in the ground, dig a hole about 1.5 times as deep and wide as the length of the root system. Add a slow release organic granular fertilizer and a little compost to the back fill of the hole. A mound of soil in the center of the hole should be created to support the roots and keep air from getting trapped underneath.

Proper way to inspect your rose plant is explained by The Rose Shop, a full service florist in Sandy and Riverton Utah

Grafted Rose Plant:

If your rose is grafted it can be susceptible to bacterial and insect infection. Plant the rose bud union slightly above the soil line to discourage bacterial and insect infection, never exposing the root crown. The rose plant’s root crown should lie at the soil line.

Keep your rose bush healthy and vibrant by following The Rose Shop's advice on protecting and planting your roses

Proper Care and Protection:

The proper pruning of roses is an extremely important part of caring for your plant. Pruning, which is cutting back the canes, stimulates new growth, reduces the plant’s susceptibility to disease and creates air circulation. A simple pruning rule is to remove cross canes and prune to an outward facing bud. Your aim is to simplify the structure and encourage your plant’s natural form. Know your plant before you begin pruning. Different types of plants require slightly different pruning techniques. Know the form of your plant and whether it will repeatedly bloom. Lastly, control insects such as rose loving aphids, with insecticide. Consider an organic insecticide as it kills insects quickly, is environmentally friendly, can be used regularly and absorbs quickly.


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