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Romantic Flowers for Your Valentine’s Day Bouquet

It’s almost time to pick romantic flowers for your Valentine’s Day bouquet. While roses are the classic choice, consider something different for your sweetie this year. Tulips, carnations and sunflowers are just a few unique blossom choices.

Romantic Flowers for Your Valentine’s Day Bouquet

Go with Tulips

Just like roses, different tulip colors have different meanings. When you give the love of your life red tulips, it’s like saying, “I love you.” The nice thing about tulips is that they continue to grow in water after you cut them instead of simply staying alive for a week or two like other types of flowers. Not only do red tulips mean love, but they are also the official 11-year wedding anniversary flower. Tulips have a black, heart-shaped center, which represents the heart of a lover made darker by passion.

Tulips for a Valentine's Day bouquet from Utah florist The Rose Shop

Pick Lilies

Stargazer lilies make an especially nice Valentine’s Day bouquet. When you give them to your honey, you’re acknowledging your loved one’s high ambitions. Lilies mean that you put your sweetheart on a pedestal. If you prefer elegant and sophisticated bouquets, choose one made with white lilies instead of Stargazers. Either choice will fill your beloved’s home with a wonderful fragrance.

Lilies for a Valentine's Day bouquet from Utah florist The Rose Shop

Give Carnations a Try

Carnations may give you prom night flashbacks, but the flowers are ideal for new lovers. Carnations have a long history. The Greeks made garlands with them, and in some countries, carnations were used to add zest to wine and beer. Carnations indicate fascination, making them perfect for a Valentine’s Day bouquet.

Carnations for a Valentine's Day bouquet from Utah florist The Rose Shop

Make it Bright with Sunflowers

For a cheerful bouquet, buy one made from sunflowers. While sunflowers may seem slightly run of the mill, the blossom choice for Valentine’s Day is a unique one. When you give someone sunflowers, you’re showing adoration for that person. This kind of flower is especially hardy, meaning that it will last for weeks following the holiday. Along with their inclination to stick around, sunflowers are also easy to care for. All your sweetie has to do is stick them in a vase of water.

Sunflowers for a Valentine's Day bouquet from Utah florist The Rose Shop

Select the Classic

When it comes to choosing a Valentine’s Day bouquet, you can’t go wrong with roses. A dozen red roses are as classic as it gets.

Roses for a Valentine's Day bouquet from Utah florist The Rose Shop

Regardless of your blossom choice, giving your beloved a bouquet for this special
day is sure to be a welcome gift. The Rose Shop can help you select the perfect flowers.

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