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A Successful Guide to Keeping Succulents Alive

Succulent at The Rose Shop, a Utah florist

Welcome to The Rose Shop blog, a place where you can find helpful advice and interesting information. Did you know you can grow succulents from a leaf of another succulent? Well, you can! Once you have your beloved succulent, it’s pretty simple to keep it alive.  Here are some helpful tips for caring for your charming plant.

A Successful Guide to Keeping Succulents Alive


When planting your succulents, a good soil is key. Typical soil can be too harsh and not allow for the proper drainage that a succulent needs to be healthy and vibrant.  Therefore  use a loose Cactus soil. Cactus soil provides the proper drainage and succulents tend to thrive in such a soil.  Avoid sandy or rocky soil as these soils prevent the needed drainage.

Succulents in a pot by Salt Lake City florist The Rose Shop


Succulents can thrive in many conditions as long as it not a constantly shady area or in constant sunlight.  Find a place with a balance of shade and sunlight and your succulent will thrive! Because of the user-friendly size of these little guys, they tend to be able to fit in most places, shelves, bookcases, small tables, window sills are all smaller areas that could use a colorful lift by placing a beautiful plant on.

Small succulent in a pot by Riverton florist The Rose Shop


When it comes to watering, consider the dryness of the soil.  Succulents only need to be watered when the soil has completely dried out. Place a finger-tip or two into the soil to measure its level of dryness.  If the soil is dry to the touch, its time to water.  To water your succulent, be sure its placed on a saucer and slowly add water to your plant until the water funs out the drainage holes of the pot. If your plant isn’t completely dry to the touch, avoid watering until it is.  Watering too soon or before the soil has completely dried out will lead to root rot.  Which no one wants to deal with, am I right?

Small succulents grow large in a pot by Salt Lake City Utah florist The Rose Shop


Being that a succulents natural habitat is not in the middle of your table, they need a little extra boost to ensure they’re getting the essential nutrients. succulent supplement or fertilizer is a great way to keep your plant healthy and strong. A bright, vibrant color to your succulent is a good indicator that your plant is healthy. Your succulent can be fertilized every few months, and the fertilizer can be easily found at your local gardening center.

Room to Grow:

Give your succulent a little extra room to grow.  Sure, when you bought your little guy, he was cute and tiny, but succulents like to grow too.  Consider planting them in a container where they can stretch out their leafy blades.

So go out and find some of these delightful and charming plants. Need a few to get started? Visit one of the three Rose Shop locations in Utah and ask for help from our friendly staff! They will brighten up any room and any space.  Happy planting!


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