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Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | The Rose Shop | Utah Florist

While your mother is sure to appreciate receiving a traditional present like flowers or a cookbook for Mother’s Day, why not surprise her this year by giving her a unique Mother’s Day gift? Consider getting her something thoughtful and special, a gift that shows her how much you care.

Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

A Bonsai Tree

Bonsai tree is a unique Mother's Day gift idea

A bonsai tree is along the lines of flowers, but this type of greenery will give your mom the gift of a stress reliever. A bonsai tree in the home cleans and purifies the air. Those who care for them often become happier, more peaceful individuals. This is a Mother’s Day gift that is sure to take her by surprise.

Amazonite Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Amazonite essential oil diffuser bracelet is a unique Mother's Day gift idea

An Amazonite essential oil diffuser bracelet will give your mom access to a dose of aromatherapy whenever she needs it. Along with giving her a way to have therapeutic moments throughout the day, a diffuser bracelet also features an attractive design, one that will take your mom from her 9 to 5 job to a fun night out on the town.

Consider: This beautiful Amazonite essential oil diffuser bracelet from Mumbles and Things would be a gorgeous choice!

Fitbit Fitness Wristband

A Fitbit fitness wristband is a unique Mother's Day gift idea

For Mother’s Day this year, consider getting your workout loving mom a Fitbit Fitness Wristband. This handy device will help your mom keep her activity levels high. Those who use the wristband are able to learn about their fitness level to see how they can improve it. Not only can a fitness band help your mom get in better shape, but it can also track her sleep quality, which gives her another way to improve her health.

Consider: The Fitbit Alta is slim and fashionable, with many different interchangeable band choices. Get it on Amazon here! 

Bamboo Bath Caddy

Bamboo bath caddy is a unique Mother's Day gift idea

One of life’s great pleasures is reading a good book while taking a bath. Enhance her time reading in the tub by giving her a bamboo bath caddy for Mother’s Day. Featuring a place to hold and prop up a book as well as a spot for her favorite beverage, the caddy kicks pampering up a level.

Consider: This high-quality Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy and Try by ModernTropic would be the perfect choice!

Tool Basket

Rattan garden tool basket is a unique Mother's Day gift idea

A tool basket for gardening is a unique Mother’s Day gift. It is also practical. To make sure that it lasts, purchase one made from rattan since the material is sturdy and lightweight. The right gardening tool basket will have enough space for all of her favorite gardening gear, making it easier for her to see after her flowers and plants.

Consider: This adorable Agrarian Tool Basket by Williams Sonoma has us ready for spring…and we think mom will love it too!

An Unforgettable Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, think outside of the box by giving your mom a unique present. Your unusual gift is sure to be appreciated since it will likely be something that she would never get for herself. And don’t forget the flowers! Because, no matter how unique and delectable your Mother’s day gift is, you can never go wrong with a side of fresh flowers. Call The Rose Shop today to order your Mother’s Day flowers!


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