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If celebrities are good at one thing, it’s definitely their ability to throw a good party, which is why we recommend looking to them for bouquet advice. Don’t pigeonhole yourself to the present since there are some amazing celebrity wedding bouquets through time.

Celebrity Wedding Bouquets Through Time

Renee Zellweger

While the marriage only lasted for a second, the bouquet that Renee Zellweger carried for her wedding on the beach to singer Kenny Chesney is an eternal classic. Made from white roses, Zellweger’s delicate bouquet is simple and elegant.

Celebrity wedding bouquets through time

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore married Will Kopelman at her Montecito, CA, home. Known for her quirky style, Barrymore’s vintage wedding featured a bouquet with bright pink peonies in different shades of pink. As you begin choosing the flowers for your own wedding bouquet, think color.

Celebrity wedding bouquets through time

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II carried a stylish bouquet when she married Prince Phillip. This celebrity wedding bouquet from the past was designed in a loose rounded style. It had snowy-white orchids surrounded by myrtle, which was plucked from a bush that grew from myrtle that was used in Queen Victoria’s bouquet. Consider using or adding flowers from your own garden or that of a family member or close friend.

Vanessa Manillo

When Vanessa Manillo married Nick Lachey, she chose gloriosa lilies for her wedding. These pretty red flowers resulted in an especially gorgeous bouquet, one that stood out against the whiteness of her wedding dress. By choosing unique flowers for her big day, Manillo made sure that her bouquet added a pop of color to her wedding photos.

Celebrity wedding bouquets through time

Nancy O’Dell

Nancy O’Dell went traditional all the way by carrying a bouquet of white roses. Fuller than the one Zellweger chose, O’Dell’s bouquet complemented her dress. Classic bouquets give you flexibility since you can wear a traditional dress or one that’s modern. A white bouquet combined with a white dress creates an elegant statement.

Celebrity wedding bouquets through time

Kate Middleton

Is there a more famous bouquet than the one Kate Middleton carried when she married Prince William? Kate’s bouquet included sweet William, hyacinth blooms and lily of the valley. While Kate’s bouquet featured plenty of greenery, the flowers were classically white.

Celebrity wedding bouquets through time

Drawing Inspiration

The nice thing about wedding bouquets is that there are no rules. Choose your favorite flowers in your favorite colors. When you need inspiration, scroll through pictures of celebrity wedding bouquets. From traditional styles to unique ones, you’ll come across the kind of bouquet ideas that will help you make yours special.

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