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Choosing Greenery Fillers for Floral Arrangements | Tips from the Rose Shop

When it’s time to choose the flowers for floral arrangements, don’t overlook the greenery fillers. While the green flowers sit subtly in the background, they have the important job of showing off the colorful blossoms of your flower display. Choosing greenery fillers for floral arrangements can be tricky since so many different options are available. A few of our tips make the task easier.

Consider Using Myrtle

Italian Ruscus and Tall Myrtle

Myrtle is a popular plant because it can be used in diverse ways. The plant features long stems along with glossy leaves. It emits a sweet fragrance that is sure to make any room more pleasant. We recommend using this greenery filler for floral centerpieces. Myrtle also represents love, and because it does, brides like to use it in their wedding arrangements.

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Silver dollar ruscus in a wedding floral arrangement

Silver dollar eucalyptus makes a modern and beautiful greenery filler for floral arrangements. It is a popular greenery used for romantic weddings. It is an aromatic filler with large rounded leaves, making it the perfect way to add fullness to a bridal bouquet.

The Benefits of Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller is a great greenery filler for floral arrangements

With its unusual frosted leaves, Dusty Miller adds a unique look to any floral arrangement. This plant’s icy appearance gives flower arrays a wintry air. Dusty Miller looks especially nice in pastel floral arrangements. We recommend using it with soft, pink roses as well as to enhance light orange blossoms. Dusty Miller provides flower displays with a contemporary look, one that is sure to enhance the décor in your kitchen, living room or bedroom.

Italian Ruscus

Italian Ruscus with gerber daisies in a modern flower arrangement by The Rose Shop

Italian ruscus is a beautiful greenery filler. It adds a dainty, soft touch to floral arrangements. The leaves are perfect backdrops to let the flowers take center stage in a bouquet or centerpiece, providing just the right amount of green.

A Pretty and Understated Addition

Greenery fillers for floral arrangements are a pretty and understated addition. Along with this, the choices are practically endless. This means that you’ll be able to choose greenery that exhibits your personal sense of style as well as select plants that show off any arrangement’s main blossoms.

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