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Fabulous Ferns: How to Plant and Take Care of This Beautiful Plant

Leafy and green, ferns are fabulous plants whether you have them inside or out. Ferns thrive in the shade, and while they’re the perfect plant for filling in spaces, they also present an amazing look on their own. Here’s how to plant and take care of this beautiful plant.

Fabulous Ferns: How to Plant and Take Care of This Beautiful Plant

Spores Instead of Seeds

Fern spores under a leaf by Utah florist The Rose Shop

Ferns do not grow from seeds like other plants do. Instead, they grow from spores. You’ll spot fern spores along the underside of the plant’s fronds. Ferns drop millions of spores to the ground, but they require the right conditions to grow. If you want to grow ferns, just collect some of these spores and plant them in the ground or a in pot the same way you would seeds. To collect them, watch for the spores to become dark. This means that they are ripe and ready to fall from the fronds.

Fern Planting Tips

How to care for a fern plant

Because the spores are small, they can be a little tough to collect. The best method seems to be placing a frond in a paper bag, and then, shaking the spores off when they’re ripe. Once you’ve shaken some off, fill a container with moist sterile potting mix. Shake the spores over the potting soil and press down on them gently. This step will give the spores the proper amount of contact with the soil.

Set your spray bottle to mist, and spritz the surface of the mix, dampening the spores and keeping them connected to the soil. The next thing that you need to do is cover the spore container with some type of plastic. Then, set it inside a tray that has about 1 inch to 2 inches of water covering the bottom. Place your spores in a warm spot, but be sure to avoid the direct sunlight.

How to Care for Ferns

Fern leaves up close

Ferns are a lovely plant to have indoors, but you might struggle to keep them alive because they require a moist location. If you have them inside, be prepared to provide some maintenance such as misting them frequently. Also, consider placing their containers on a tray that you’ve filled with pebbles as well as enough water to spread out under the plant’s pot.

If you’re planting them outside, be prepared to weed around them frequently because they have shallow roots. Along with this, use finely shredded leaves or leaf mold for mulch.

Worth the Effort

Fern leaf

Choosing plants to decorate your home or garden can be tough, but you won’t go wrong with ferns. Not only is the foliage pleasant to look at, but it is also something that will blend in with your home or garden décor.


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