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It’s October, and you know what that means: Halloween! Now, when you think of Halloween, “flowers” may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but stay with us. Today we are going to give you some amazing ideas for incorporating flowers into your Halloween decorations in creative and easy ways.

Quick and Clever Halloween Decorations using Flowers

Gourd Vases with Autumn Flowers

We absolutely adore these creative, easy DIY gourd vases. What a fantastic way to incorporate flowers into your Halloween Decorations! Simply hollow out a few interesting gourds and insert a small container filled with water. Choose your favorite fall blooms, berries, and twigs and let your imagination carry you away!


Halloween decorations using flowers in gourds

image credit: The Merrythought

Orange Flowers Centerpiece

Autumn is the beginning of the holiday season, but why wait until Thanksgiving to use your pretty serving dishes? A footed white dish or similar makes a beautiful and festive fall centerpiece. Not “Halloween Decorations” enough for you? Just add in a few black roses for extra pop!

Halloween decorations using orange flowers

image credit: Better Homes and Gardens

Black and Orange Pumpkin Vases

Feeling extra creative? A crafty spin on the aforementioned gourd vases, these black and orange pumpkins are perfect for your floral Halloween decor. Head to a pumpkin patch and pick a few small to medium-sized orange pumpkins. Hollow them out. Grab some painters tape and tape off the areas you want to stay orange. Then grab your black and gold spray paint and go to town! Once it’s dry, add a vase or container of water and arrange your favorite fall blooms!

Halloween decorations using flowers in pumpkins

image credit: Better Homes and Gardens

Floral Jack-o’-Lantern Halloween Decoration

This one may be my favorite. Start with a white pumpkin and carve out eyes, a nose, and a thin mouth (to disguise the contents inside). Add a vase or container of water and some fabulous fall flowers, leaves, twigs, and berries and voila! For added spook on Halloween night, add a battery-operated flickering led candle inside the pumpkin (but not in the water, obviously)!

Halloween decorations using flowers in a jack-o-lantern

image credit: Better Homes and Gardens

Creepy Floral Halloween Centerpiece

Not into “cutesy” Halloween and want to do something truly creepy? Spray paint and old vase black and fill it with water and a bouquet of white roses (Hunger Games anyone). Head to the dollar store and pick up a bag of spiders, snakes, and any other creepy crawlies. Use that same black spray paint to make them all black as night. Then intertwine the snakes through the roses and around the vase. Arrange your spiders and other creepy crawlies on the roses and secure with clear double edged tape. Eeek!

Halloween decorations using flowers with spiders

image credit: Martha Stewart

Forbidden Red Flowers

This one is truly as quick and easy as they come! Choose an urn-type vase and fill it with different shades of red blooms, foliage, berries, and even metal picks. Pick up some fake spiderweb at the craft or Halloween decoration store and stretch it over your arrangement. Secure it under the vase for a quick and clever, but forbidding effect.

Halloween decorations using flowers with spiderwebs

image credit: Martha Stewart

We hope you have a Spooktacular October and have some fun using flowers in your Halloween decorations this year! If you do something super fun using these or other ideas, we would love to see it! Tag us on Instagram @roseshopflowers and we may feature your photo throughout the month of October!

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