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Spring Decorating with Fresh Flower Arrangements | The Rose Shop

Spring is on the way, and while this means that we can put away our winter coats and enjoy warmer weather, it also means that spring flowers will be peeking their heads out of the ground. Make spring decorating easy with fresh flower arrangements. Here’s how to do it.

Spring Decorating with Fresh Flower Arrangements

Embrace the Vase

Simple glass vases may seem old fashioned, but the décor piece is a classic choice. Adding a collection of flower-filled vases to a shelf or a table is a powerful visual statement. You can also use things like a white pitcher, a bottle or a small bucket to display fresh flower arrangements. This type of container is perfect for an eclectic flower bundle or a bouquet made up of one type of flower. It can also be fun to do a little of both by forming bouquets of different kinds of flowers in one color. So, you can make a bundle with white roses, white lilies and white tulips.Decorating for spring with fresh flower arrangements by The Rose Shop, a Utah florist

Be Colorful

If color is your thing, then your spring decorating can include all kinds of color. To bring colorful spring flowers into your home, combine peonies, roses and wildflowers. When you go with colorful bundles, you’ll able to choose them based on your personal style, taste and how you intend to display them.

Decorating for spring with fresh flower arrangements by The Rose Shop, a Utah florist

Think Smaller

Small bunches of fresh flowers make a big statement when you spread them around your space. Consider planting tiny fuchsia phlox, double tulips and grape hyacinth in a small urn or mini pot. Place these small spring flower groupings on shelves, windowsills or tables to welcome spring into your home.

Decorating for spring with fresh flower arrangements by The Rose Shop, a Utah florist

Spring Flowers for You

Bring spring decorating into the bedroom with a restful bedside arrangement. Fill a glass vase with white tulips and hyacinths. The smell of these flowers combined with their beauty will help you start out each day in a good mood.

Decorating for spring with fresh flower arrangements by The Rose Shop, a Utah florist

A Few Arrangement Tips

Don’t be intimidated when it comes to arranging fresh flowers. Just select three different kinds of flowers in complementary shapes and colors. Remove leaves that will be beneath the water line, and cut the stems so that your flowers will rest about 2 inches higher than the top of the vase. To keep them fresh, change the water about every two days.

Decorating for spring with fresh flower arrangements by The Rose Shop, a Utah florist

Decorating with Nature

By using fresh spring flower arrangements around your home, you’re letting nature do your decorating for you. Not only do spring flowers provide every color imaginable, but they also make your home look and smell fresh. This year, celebrate spring with fresh flowers.

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