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Thank You Notes for Funeral Flowers | The Rose Shop

Losing a loved one is an emotionally draining experience. When the funeral is behind you, there are a few things that you’ll want to take care of like writing thank you notes for funeral flowers. When it comes to thanking people for being there for you, it’s fine to write these notes as soon as you’re emotionally ready even if this is a few weeks or months following the funeral.


Thank You Notes for Funeral Flowers

Flowers Serve Many Purposes

Often, people send flowers for the funeral and the gravesite, or they may send them for the family to have at home afterward. Funeral flowers come in wreaths, cut and arranged in vases, potted or as sprays. If family members or friends are unable to attend the funeral, they may send flowers to your home directly to show their condolences.


Thank you notes for funeral flowers can be hard to write

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Tips for Getting Started

Keep in mind that the last thing people want is for you to be stressed about sending them a thank you note for flowers. But, we know that there are people who you’ll want to thank for thinking of you. To get started, make a list of the people who sent flowers to express their sympathies. Then, write just two or three notes each day until you’ve completed the list. Let family members or close friends help you write them.

thank you notes for funeral flowers can be short and simple

Thank You Note Phrasing Ideas

Deciding what to say in your notes is easier than it may seem. Say something like:

  • “Thank you for attending (loved one’s) funeral. It meant a lot to see you there. I will remember your thoughtfulness during this difficult time. I appreciated receiving your flowers.”
  • “Thank you for sharing in our celebration of (loved one’s) life. Your words and stories were a great comfort. The flowers you sent were beautiful.”
  • “Your flowers meant so much. You are a true friend. I appreciate having you in my life.”

thank you notes for funeral flowers let you show your gratitude

A Few Considerations

Thank you notes for funeral flowers should be brief. In fact, one to three sentences are all that you need. Also, be sure to include your last name or the full name of the person who passed away. This is especially important if you were unable to write your notes quickly. If you decide to use pre-printed notes, include a personal message.

thank you notes for funeral flowers are appreciated

Thank You Notes for Funeral Flowers

Thank you notes for funeral flowers can be tough to write since you’ll be reminded of your loved one’s passing. We hope that once you start, it will get easier as you go. Keep in mind that the people who sent funeral flowers aren’t sitting there waiting to get your thank you note. They are just thinking about you and what you are going through, so while it’s a good thing to send them, don’t stress about it. Do it in your time. If you’re in need of funeral flowers,  The Rose Shop offers flower arrangements for all occasions.


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