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Tips for Writing Thank You Cards After Your Wedding

The Rose Shop shares tips for writing thank you cards after your wedding. Getting wedding presents is fun. But, writing thank you cards to everyone who gave you something is less than exciting. If you had a big wedding, then writing appreciation notes to more than 100 guests can pose a challenge. However, these tips can help you take care of this important obligation and avoid procrastinating the process.

Tips for Writing Thank You Cards After Your Wedding

Before You Get Married

To make thank you note writing easier, start before you get married by making a copy of your guest list and adding several columns to it. Include one column for gifts and another one for thank you notes. This will make it a breeze to track what gifts you receive and who gave them to you. After writing a thank you note, track what you’ve done by checking off the person’s name.

Tips for writing thank you cards after your wedding include creating a guest list

Picture of guests at a wedding at Le Jardin taken by Nikki Engelby.

Make a Temporary Writing Station

Create a thank you note writing station, one with a comfortable chair and includes the products that you need to write them. Designate a desk, table or hard surface for the task. Also, choose stationary or cards that show your style and personality as a couple.

Tips for writing thank you cards after your wedding include creating a note writing station

Picture of writing station taken at Le Jardin, florals created by The Rose Shop photo taken by Jess Casperson.

Consistency Always Wins

According to tradition, everyone who gives you a wedding present should receive a thank you note. This is not a quick job that you’ll get done in one sitting unless your wedding was extremely intimate. Try to set aside 30 minutes or so each night until you and your spouse have written them all. Divvy up the thank you note writing either by splitting it in half equally unless you prefer to write them to your own families. Make it more pleasant with a cup of tea and your favorite Spotify playlist.

Tips for writing thank you cards after your wedding includes setting aside time each day to write a few cards

Writing the Perfect Note

Personalize each thank you note to show your relationship with the person you’re writing to and the gift that they gave you. Try to be specific and comment on the present. For instance, you can say, “I love that you gave us the Waterford Crystal Vase that we listed on our registry.” If someone gave you money, then tell them how you’ll use it. You could say something like “we’re saving for a down payment on a home” or “we can’t wait to use this on our next date night.” Keep in mind that their showing up to celebrate your big day was also a gift, so be sure to thank them for spending time with you.

Tips for writing thank you cards after your wedding includes writing thoughtful and personalized comments on each card

Picture of guest book taken at wedding held at Le Jardin

Honoring Tradition

Writing thank you cards is a difficult task, one that takes time and effort. But, it is worth it since your friends and family members will enjoy knowing that you appreciated their gift. By writing thank you cards, you’re also honoring a long-held tradition and appeasing the wedding gods or at least your new in-laws.

Tips for writing thank you cards after your wedding includes honoring a long-held tradition





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